Our group classes are categorized by age group.


Puppy Skills

AKC STAR Puppy class is devoted to puppies under 6 months old and is the foundation for all training. This 6 week class will focus on obedience and ownership responsibilities and plenty of socialization. Develop a strong bond and build confidence with your pup while you learn as a team!

The syllabus for this class includes:
-Sit, Stay, Down, come, mannerly greetings and a ton of socialization with people and other students!
-Greeting people manerly
-Intro to leash walking
-Earn your AKC (American Kennel Club) STAR Puppy award/certification/title


Obedience 101

Enroll in our all ages basic obedience class if you would like to start training your a dog over 6 months old! This is a great start for beginners, just added to the family and is also the next step if you have completed the Freshman Semester at the Academy.

The syllabus for this class includes:
-Sit, Stay, Down refresher
-“Come” and “Leave it”
-Loose leash walking
-Intro to distractions while giving commands


Obedience 201 (Intermediate)

Enroll in this class if you have completed Obedience 101 or believe you have a solid foundation of basic obedience.

The syllabus for this class includes:
-More distraction
-Higher difficulty
-Both indoor and outdoor
-Less treats
-More commands

To participate in this class, your dog must be up to date on vaccinations and maintain the recommended vaccination schedule from your veterinarian.

Rally Obedience

Rally Obedience is a beginner instructional course.  You and your dog will follow AKC Rally signs which are all obedience related skills that you have already learned and mastered in Obedience 101 class.

There are a combination of basic obedience and heeling patterns for you to follow.  You and your dog will be able to learn how to start following the AKC Rally signs and running mini courses. This is a great opportunity for you to further strengthen the relationship with your favorite dog by your side.

In order to take this course your dog must have graduated from Obedience 101.

AKC CGC (American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen) Prep & Exam

Your dog should already have a foundation of their basic obedience before signing up for this six week class.

This course includes:
-At the end of the six weeks, your dog will have their final exam where they can earn their CGC award/certification/title
-A CGC certification may get you a discount on your homeowners insurance
-The exam has 10 parts including meeting strangers without jumping, 3 minute supervised separation, and loose leash walking

Pop in Pooches

Come join us Friday mornings for obedience for all ages.  This is a great class if you are in between classes and wanted to get a head start before your class begins, your dog needs a refresher, or you just need extra practice around other dogs.  This class gives you the opportunity to start training now. We will work on a variety of obedience commands, strengthen foundations and learn some fun new things.

Pre-register by 6:00pm on Thursday!

To participate in this class, your dog must be up to date on vaccinations and maintain the recommended vaccination schedule from your veterinarian.

Fiesty Fido (Leash reactive group class)

Dog reactivity can be a frustrating task for sure for our dog parents!  This is a class designed specifically you and your dogs who have reactivity towards other dogs.

You will learn how to use your basic obedience foundation and learn about behavior modification while staying within your dog’s threshold of learning.

The class size is kept small and is limited to four dogs. NO HUMAN AGRESSION IN THE CLASS

Gym Class

This class is a confidence-building class that combines a ton of mental stimulation, physical fitness and a lot of fun. Dogs are kept moving through the entire hour.  We will be using Canine exercise equipment and basic agility equipment during this class.

This class is for dogs that have passed their Obedience 101


Obedience 301 (Advanced)

This is an advanced six week testing class. Your dog must have already passed CGC level and have their foundation of basic obedience. This is also a class where real life high distractions are put to the test. Your dog will have their final exam at the end of the six weeks. Depending on your location you will either test for AKC Community Canine or AKC Urban Canine.

The syllabus for the class includes:
-Field trip class
-Crossing streets
-High traffic, noisy areas
-Perfecting obedience with other people and dogs in the area

Obedience 302 (Off Leash Advanced)

This is an advanced six week class. Your dog must have a strong foundation of  obedience and has already passed obedience 101 and 201. We will be doing off leash advanced obedience around other dogs and high distractions.


Service Dog Training

A service dog is trained to assist with someone with one or more disabilities. These disabilities can range from a variety things involving both physical, neurological, and mental symptoms. A service dog has public access rights under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Acts) which means the dog is permitted everywhere you go. Since training a service dog is so customized to their person, we ask that you email us with a description of your disability and what you hope to achieve by obtaining a service dog.


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