AKC Puppy Star

This class is devoted to AKC STARR puppies under one year old.  It is the beginning of all training for your dog.  This is a six week class and will focus on basic obedience and ownership responsibilities.  This is the beginning of developing a bond between you and your dog through training.


AKC GCG (Canine Good Citizen) 

This class is for any dog over one year old.  Your dog should already have a foundation of their basic obedience before signing up for this six week class.  At the end of the six weeks your dog will have their final exam where they can earn their CGC certification.


AKC Urban Canine

This class is for dogs that have already passed their AKC CGC level of training.  This is a field trip class where we will visit different settings to put your dog to the test of real life situations in an urban setting with cars, streets to be crossed, noises, and distractionsThis is an advanced test and you should already have done basic obedience and have your CGC.  Your dog will have their final exam in the last class.


AKC Community Canine

This is an advanced six week testing class. Your dog must have already passed CGC level and have their foundation of basic obedience.  This is also a class where real life high distractions are put to the test.  Your dog will have their final exam at the end of the six weeks.


Four Paws Volunteer 

The purpose of this class is to prepare students for a career in volunteer work.  Earning this registration will allow your dog to be able to go to different facilities that accept therapy dogs to bring comfort to patients in hospitals, nursing homes or other institutions such as schools and reading programs. If you are unsure if your dog would qualify for this class, you dog can be evaluated before signing up.

On the day of the testing you will be required to pay Therapy Dog International $10.00 for the test.

To participate in this class, your dog must be up to date on vaccinations and maintain the recommended vaccination schedule from your veterinarian.

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